By the Light of a Pachyderm, I see!

Because while decorating may be subjective, an elephant lamp is timeless and everyone loves them! Again, you're basically supporting the WWF by buying it. Wrestlers and conservation specialists around the world will applaud you. Now we know how the may-or-may-not-be-injured elephant from our first post got that way. He was stabbed with a lamp pole. Big deal. This will look great in your personal rain forest guest jungle room. Didn't know elephants lived in the rain forest did ya? Well they do. And they live on an island called Sumatra and hang out with tigers at water wells. There are three kinds of elephants. Wiki it. Or better yet head over to the Rainforest Cafe where you can (according to their webby site) buy "moderately-priced food and beverage items" and other merchandise in a rainforest-themed environment. If you're lucky there will be live elephants! Shopping and eating all at once. Yay!

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