How Did We Make Meatloaf Before This

Because we are tired, and we've put up with it long enough. Why, for the love of the Earth, do we have to deal with meatloaf falling apart for one more family dinner? It has been an often ignored, but crucial issue for the American family unit. If I had a dime for every dinner ruined by my parents fighting as a DIRECT result of the meatloaf being less-than-perfect, I would have at least $.75. There was one time that I wasn't sure it was the meatloaf that was the issue, so I'm only giving that one $.5. Ah, but I digress. Look, I'm tired of meatloaves cooking unevenly too. This thing fixes that with special Swedish (yes, Swedes eat things other than meatballs) technology that circulates air to all the parts of the loaf. Or something like that. Whatever it does it makes a perfect loaf and it will save your marriage. So get it. Or don't and take your chances. If you're a fool that's your problem. If you're a vegetarian or vegan then you probably aren't married anyway so, yea be happy alone or whatever you do.

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