Billy Idol Taught us that Faceless Children are the Way of the Future

Because little figures of faceless children remind us that the future is what we make of it and that having a brother that dresses exactly like you will not screw you up as an adult. It's not creepy or weird to own a figurine of faceless children, dressed alike, holding hands and looking at each other without eyes. You don't even need eyes to see the soul of a child. Not even if you're a child yourself. It's the child's blank slate of a face/soul that matters. Steven Spielberg and John Landis each own this very figurine, gifted to them in 1983 by the late, great Dan Aykroyd. And when Billy Idol sang a song about some old french movie called Les Yeux Sans Visage, he knew that he was called to help children all over the world -- including French children, even if they are corrupt. Buy this and you'll be saying you believe the children are the future. Edit: So, it occurred to me that these things aren't "Eyes without a face at all... it's like a head without a face. Whatever. (June 22, 2012)

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  1. For the record, Dan is alive. Don't want to get Rubber Biscuit-ed by some fans, of which WMT? is one.