Keep Psycho Critters Away with Sound

Because sometimes cats and other creatures think they can just stroll into your space. Oh no, they don't! They step one little paw on your pumpkin patch and BOOM!, they are blasted with a new technology utilized by this ultrasonic animal chaser. It makes a sound that you can't hear, but, trust me it is making it because the box says it is. And those evil kittens and bunnies and baby raccoons hate it. Unless they are deaf and can't hear this new technology. And if they are deaf, then you're going to have to find some other method of keeping some mongrel stray out of your 2000 feet of space (if your yard is bigger than that you need to buy more than one of these.) I would guess there is a new ultraviolet light chaser just waiting to be invented. Animals don't like the color red. So maybe hook up a flashlight with a red gel taped to it for your tomato vines. No word on if this works on neighbor kids with really good hearing. And, let's face it, you're going to get rabies if you don't buy this. No non-rabid animal would want to walk into a garden. Look at the box, people. Be smart.

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