Get off Pinterest and start using a real woman's craft-maker

Because sometimes you have to have pride in what you can do and accept your limitations. Some people get on these home improvement sites (yea, you Apartment Therapy and your hipster sister Pinterest) and think they can build tables and extra bathrooms out of discarded shipping flats and stuff. Guess what, that stuff has had mice families living in it. You know what doesn't have mice living in it? Duct tape. Because mice would get stuck to it and then you'd have a mouse trap. You people need to appreciate good decorating and good construction and I don't know if you do. There is NOTHING that can't be made from duct tape, including wedding dresses. That girl who made a wallet, then went on to make a prom dress. And do you know who she is? Donna Karan. Or Karen, whatever we're not fashionistas around here, we speak real people words. Duct tape isn't just a power tool. It's a way of life. And THIS sign is hilarious. Look at the letters. They are made of duct tape. It's damn genius. And if you're really on top of things you can probably go ahead and tape this straight to the wall.

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