God I get overheated reading your stupid FB posts

Because I hate being hot. And computers get hot. And there's something annoying about having to take my hoodie off if I get overheated. Do you understand that sometimes I don't freaking feel like putting myself into sleep mode so that I cool down? That's what a computer can do. Do I look like I can just check out if it's a few degrees too warm? NO. If I have to expend energy reading stuff online, then I am burning calories. My core temp is rising. I need to cool the heck down or I will sweat. If I sweat then I'll chafe. I don't know if I spelled chafe right but I'm too freaking hot to spell check. So I'm letting it go. I wouldn't have to do this if I wasn't hot. DAMN IT. I am aggravated over this heat. Get me this. I clearly need a computer fan. And not the kind that cools down the computer. The kind that will cool ME down. Ugh.

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