Turn That Filthy Can Into a Bottle for the Good of the Earth!

Because drinking out of cans is hard! (See our post about straws from last month). First you have to open the can which many-a-nail-has been sacrificed for. Then you have to deal with the little pool of soda that gets stuck in the can-crease. You know what I'm talking about! What is someone supposed to do with that? It's a total waste of liquid. If we're serious about the welfare of this good Earth, we need to figure out a way to get rid of that little extra portion of soda that is lost. If you didn't know, liquid is at a premium these days. And don't even start me on how dirty those aluminum cans are. Do you want to put your mouth on that thing? Not me. They do that in France but not here I say! There is no way to clean the top of a can off. NO WAY. Don't even tell me to run it under water. I'd need to get a filter to do that. And I'm not wasting my bottle of water on a can of coke when I can just put a piece of plastic on it that will make the can into a bottle. Problemo solved.

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