Cutting Things Up Takes Too Much Time Away From Eating

Because cutting things up takes up time we could use to eat stuff. I don't know about you, but I don't have that extra 15 seconds it takes to cut my brownie. And if you ask me to cut something into a perfect rectangular shape then I'll tell you where you can go. I know what you're thinking: making things uniform is Marxist. But think of the children at school. Aren't we supposed to treat everyone alike? Everyone's brownie should be the exact same size. This pan combo doesn't make edges like that other "S" shaped pan out there... but it does the next best thing. You get two parts... not just the "cutty" part of the pan, you also get a whole new regular-looking pan. So if you already had a regular pan you just get one more. We suggest throwing the old pan away because it's not made to pair up with the cutty part. A cluttered house is gross so you should just toss the extra one if you can.

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